Suffering From Anxiety

Tricia is a busy entrepreneurial woman who owns two successful businesses. She attended a group workshop to resolve her anxiety issues which were affecting not only her but also her family and business. Tricia’s anxiety was stopping her from achieving everything she knew deep down she was capable of and some days she felt anxiety all through her body. As a self-confessed sceptic from the start, she was unsure if she would be able to evolve her mind and way of thinking. Throughout the day she learnt how her mind works, why it picks up strategies such as anxiety and how we can remove and reframe beliefs. By the end of the day, the transformation in Tricia was amazing to see. Moving on from the workshop two months later, she has continued to use the tools she learnt to maintain a healthy and anxiety free mindset!

Watch Tricia below to find out more about how life-changing she found the workshop and how it transformed her anxiety.


Battling her instinctive reactions.

Nicki runs a successful 6 figure business but often struggled with the balance of her personal life. Nicki has a family member who unfortunately isn’t very well themselves. A constant battle of mental health issues and drug addiction. Nicki found herself forever running after him, putting herself in worrying situations and it started to take over her life. Nicki was suffering from anxiety as she couldn’t “fix everything”. She’d been brought up to always be the one to look after everyone but knew deep down that she couldn’t help someone who didn’t want to be helped. However, even though she knew this she couldn’t stop this overwhelming feeling that she had to do something. It started to affect her life (although she would never show it). It stopped her sleeping, could affect entire days. She would feel a weight on her chest just even thinking about it. Nicki still wanted to support this family member but had to make sure that it wasn’t taking over her own life too. Nicki did my 1-1 program and we worked on speaking to Nicki’s subconscious about how she could still have sympathy for her brother but no longer feel that extreme overwhelm and sadness that was slowly affecting her other relationships. Now, Nicki no longer suffers from such an anxiety and has learned various coping mechanisms for when things do flare up with her family member. Nicki even says herself that since doing this 1-1 work she has seen a huge change in her relationship with her family member and actually by stopping some of these feelings at his helped that family member too.